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Monitor your shipments and costs across the supply chain with DPLGuru. It is easier to make real-time decisions, solve and prevent possible issues with us!

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Transform your world

Transform your world

Imagine your global supply chain reinvented! With online screening and DPLGuru solutions it is now possible.


Digitize your global supply chain

Digitize your global supply chain

Upgrade your business with leading edge technologies.


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Searching through a lot of databases

Gather reliable data from dozens of trusted sources

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Instant search by selected criteria

Instantly retrievable documents at any time only a couple of clicks away

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Avoiding government penalties

With DPLGuru there is no need to wait and deal with a paperwork

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People update info on regular bases

DPLGuru contains only relevant information that is constantly updated and maintained fresh

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We also provide following services to strengthen your company market presence:

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Restricted Party Screening (DPL Screening)

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Global Trade Management Solutions

Customer Testimonials

What our customers tell about us

  Agilent Technologies
We needed a truly global integrated import/export trade compliance solution to support our high volume transactions. Now our worldwide solution interfaces with multiple ERP systems and 1,300 users in 42 countries.

-Vice President Logistics

  Fairchild Semiconductor
We’ve simplified our shipment process, automated documentation and trade party screening, and gained regulatory and financial control over our international shipments. Currently 90% of all of Fairchild’s shipments are pre-cleared.

-Senior Manager, Global Logistics

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